The Aspire S3 uses magnesium alloy and aluminium for its body, which are the same materials that we’re going to see from the other Ultrabook manufacturers. These times are a little slower than those recorded by the Acer TravelMate G , which is a 13in laptop that has the same CPU, but uses an SSD drive for primary storage rather than a spinning drive. Easy site to use I ordered what I needed it arrived 2 days later by post Thanks. In our file transfer tests, the difference in storage performance was evident: Sign-up Get e-mail updates on new products, special offers and promotions!

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Acer TravelMate Laptop DDR2 Memory RAM & SSDs

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Royal Mail Special Delivery By 1pm Note that 3293wxmmi method does not guarantee delivery on a Saturday or any public holiday. We accept returns within 60 days. Hover over the Thumbnail to enlarge. All things considered, we think the Acer Aspire S3 suffers a little from being first to market.


It has no trouble handling high definition video and as you can see from our tests, it will even perform rendering and travelmwte tasks, albeit slower than a notebook with a full voltage CPU and faster storage.

In instances where it cannot be determined who is at fault, the buyer still needs to pay return shipping.

Be the first to write a comment. I need power and lots of it. In our file transfer tests, the difference in storage performance was evident: The right side has an SD card slot, and that’s it.

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While Acer is the first vendor to get its Ultrabook ‘out there’, the Aspire S3 unfortunately suffers from a lack of features and just feels a little underdone overall. Memory upgrades have never been easier.

Acer Aspire S3-951 Ultrabook

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For example, its hinges are a little too strong and don’t allow the lid to be lifted open with one hand when the notebook is sitting flat on a desk.

The keyboard has chiclet keys that are almost full-sized, with the exception of the tiny arrow and Page Up and Page Down keys in the corner. Great experience doing business with you.


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Customer Feedback Last Travdlmate. However, this will dramatically delay your purchase. Still not sure what you need for your Acer TravelMate Laptop? Tablet Gigabyte View All Manufacturers. It might upset tech users who want to have different options at their disposal and get more bang for their buck, but mainstream users who just want a basic and easily mobile laptop for everyday work should get by just fine. Using the S3 Ultrabook 3293exmi a while in your lap means it will get a little warm on its underside, especially if you are performing tasks that require the CPU to do lots of work.

1GB SODIMM Acer Travelmate WXMi WSMi Ram Memory | eBay

Know more about this protection. Sell your Spare Parts on PcHub. We made a lot of errors while 323wxmi until we got used to these traits and hit the keys a little harder.

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It’s a minimalist laptop that supplies only the barest of essentials.