Take off the Lamp Module. Tighten 2 screws as red circle on the Lamp Module. Screw 4 hex screws as blue circle. Unscrew 2 screws as green circle. Oct 18, Posts:

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Page 63 include support format with frequency and autodetected functional will be workable. Page 66 – Adjust the volume to maximum by using the remote controller. Unscrew 4 screws as yellow circle to disassemble the Engine Module. To ensure the projector works well with your computer, please make sure the timing of the display mode is compatible with the projector. Unfasten 2 tenons as green square to disassemble the Interrupt Switch.

Page 47 Assemble Engine Module 1. Loosen 2 screws as red circle on theLamp Module.

Your customers will appreciate the quick response time when you immediately identify problems that occur with our products. Stick the EMI tape acet green square.

What does the usb port in my acer x110 projector do?

Unscrew 3 screws as red circle to disassemble the Fan Module. Fasten 2 tenons as green square as blue arrows point to assemble the Speaker. Bright Pixel Procedure – Test equipment: We expect your customers will appreciate the service that you offer them.


Plug 1 connector as green square. Please detach the Circuit boards and follow local regulations for disposal.

Page 77 Chapter 6EDID Upgrade EDID IntroductionExtended Display Identification Data is a VESA standard data format that contains basicinformation about a display device and its capabilities, including vendor information,maximum image size, color characteristics, factory pre-set timings, frequency range limits,and character strings for the monitor name and serial number.

Fasten 2 tenons acee green square to assemble the Interrupt Switch. Plug 3 connectors as green square to assemble the cables on Lamp Driver Module.

I purchased this projector because i wanted to try out 3d and i have to say for the price it is very impressive if you are looking for a way to get 3d gaming or uab on a massive screen then this is for you. Avoid pressuring the Speaker cable as yellow square when you assemble the Top shielding. The lamp light in the Acer projector will last between 3, hours in normal mode and up to 4, hours in economy mode. Appendix A Exploded Image Note: It is produced at CPC on fifteenth week of Assemble the System Fan Module.


Approved Summary of the d110 on the page No. Screw 4 hex screws as usg circle. Edid Upgrade PC graphics adapter. Unscrew 4 screws as blue circle to separate System Fan and Fan Shielding. Its an Acer x entry level projector. All interface connectors should be complete and Connector workable. Chapter 3 Troubleshooting 0. Remove the Top Cover Module.

what does the usb port in my acer x projector do? | Yahoo Answers

Stick the EMI tape as green square. Plug 1 connector as yellow square. Page 61 – Test signal: Screw 5 screws as red circle to assemble the Top Shielding.