Luis M Date published: Clin Biomech Bristol, Avon ; 15 1: Each ankle brace restricted dynamic foot-inversion movements on the tilting platform as compared with the control condition, whereas only the 2 hinged ankle braces differed from each other, with greater movement restriction caused by the Ankle X model. In each condition, 3 valid trials for each movement direction were recorded about 1 minute after the participant performed 1 pilot trial for familiarization with the movement. Ankle-Foot Joint—Complex Testing We evaluated the maximal joint angles of the foot for the 3 ankle braces and compared them with a control unbraced condition using 2 protocols: All ankle braces showed stabilizing effects against dynamic and passive foot inversion.

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Passive plantar flexion was greater in the hinged models as compared with the nonhinged brace. The 3 different ankle braces. Hinged ankle braces supposedly allow almost free dorsiflexion and plantar flexion of the foot in the sagittal plane.

Heinemeier KM, Kjaer M. Open in a separate window.

We determined each person’s size by having him or her wear the braces during walking, stair climbing, and hopping before data collection and then selecting the best-fitting size. Comfort-gripTM non-marring wheels offer better grip on carpet; with solid mags for easy cleaning.

Comfort-gripTM wheels provide shock absorption, better brake performance, and they’re easier to clean. MaryE Hi, Thank you for your inquiry, please contact a local provider in your geographical area. Latency time of the peroneus muscle, total inversion time, maximum inversion speed, and mean and maximal angular inversion speeds are key time variables in dynamic foot inversion 37 and do not exist in passive inversion.


The different strapping systems of the braces might have led to differences in restricting maximal inversion angle. We akrgo not test angular velocities in the present study; however, Cordova et al 30 and Tang et al 31 demonstrated reduced angular excursion and velocity during inversion triggered by a tilting platform in participants wearing a semirigid ankle brace compared with those wearing a lace-up brace and control conditions.

Viista it demonstrated the most effective stabilization compared with the other tested braces, the hinged Ankle X model is recommended when the ankle needs more external support.

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Range of motion during rotational movements was greater than reported in references. To investigate the dynamic and passive stabilizing effects of 3 ankle braces, 2 hinged models that provide free plantar flexion—dorsiflexion in the sagittal plane and 1 ankle brace without a hinge.

Customer Questions and Answers Is the airgo fusion or the Hugo navigator available at the locations that you currently have posted on this site. The independent variable was again ankle-brace condition with 4 levels: Testing Procedures Ankle Braces We tested 3 commercially available braces and the control condition using a within-subjects crossover design.

Biomechanical Comparison of 3 Ankle Braces With and Without Free Rotation in the Sagittal Plane

Country to calculate your shipping: The order of the ankle-brace application was randomized for each participant to avoid any effects of fatigue or habituation. The dependent variable was maximal inversion angle. Ergo-form handgrips fit more comfortably and place you hand at a natural angle for comfort and better brake access. Hope this helps, Thank you again, Luis Drive Answered by: For when the journey is as important as the destination.


Ankle-Foot Joint—Complex Testing We evaluated the maximal joint airgp of the foot for the 3 ankle braces and compared them with a control unbraced condition using 2 protocols: Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. The braces were applied and fastened according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The airgk variables were maximal angles of 1 inversion, 2 eversion, 3 plantar flexion, 4 dorsiflexion, 5 internal rotation, and 6 external rotation.

Plus, it’s side-folding frame comes with built-in curb climbers and a cane holder.

In a viista study 10 using the same device, mean torques ranged from 4. We recorded dorsiflexion at 12 Nm because passive resistance stiffness caused by muscles with a greater cross-sectional area in this case, the triceps surae muscle is greater than for muscles with a smaller cross-sectional area in this case, the tibialis anterior or peroneus longus muscle. A crossing strap is used to prevent or limit talar shift and to protect the anterior talofibular ligament.

The second brace was the hinged DARCO Body Armor Embrace, which the manufacturer recommends be used in preventing ankle sprains during sports activities, after acute ankle injury, and during rehabilitation. Med Sci Sports Exerc.

Verhagen EA, Bay K. Reflective logos and piping for added visibility in the dark. We did not take into account whether this was the dominant or nondominant leg because no leg-dominance effect was observed for peroneal reflex latencies in healthy participants during sudden inversion on a tilting platform.