Why to place the memory into such a hothouse?.. All the companies are well known in the IT sphere. But in general, the reference design is based on the original one judging by the positions of the chip and by the external power supply connector. Aleksei Samsonov is currently studying TV-out quality of such cards and soon he will publish the results. The box has a more pleasant style than the previous Gainward’s solutions. Note that the developers took off half of the memory chips to get the RAM size of 64 MB, that is why the memory bus is cut to 64 bits as well, but it’s written on the card. The processor has an ordinary cooler “a la” GeForce4 Ti, with just a cooper heatsink added.

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We’ll see it soon.

The memory chips have heatsinks clipped to them. Albatron, a good partner for Guru3D. AA and anisotropy to everyone’s taste. However, it’s possible that NVIDIA could redesign its card for the Ultra, because, as we mentioned earlier, the two cards on the Ultra and Ultra processors had the same PCB design, – its complexity could be adequate to the frequencies and power of the Ultra and too expensive for the Ultra.


Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method. All the cards were very stable during the tests each one worked during 24 hours and have good build quality only the Prolink’s card has some quality problems in 2D.

What if we overclock it: Pentium 4 MHz based computer: Video 3Digests Video cards: This is a usual small cooler with a fan. This year when I walked by their booth something caught my xf. VSync off in drivers, texture compression off in applications. What should they do?!

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CDs they are shown on the second pictureUser Guide and adapters. I just 520 to focus on the fact that Albatron is rapidly gaining the authority though albatrln company is only 3 years old after reorganization and beginning of sales of PC components. Frontside view of the card. Andrey Vorobiev anvakams ixbt. Hz, xxHz inferior 2D quality! Aleksei Samsonov is currently studying TV-out quality of such cards and soon he will publish the results. The heatsink will get very hot and the memory is not cooled down either.

Albatron just released theirs. These cards have already entered the junior platoons of the Middle-End sector.

Albatron FX5200EP (128 MB)

Basically two cooling technologies combined. Hynix BGA form-factor memory chips. The box has a more pleasant style than the previous Gainward’s solutions. We see a new trend in the industry, product differentiationyeforce yourself on another spot in the market to get more reputation and expand your diversity.


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Well, the video cards hovering between the Low-End and Middle-End sectors have their own advantages. Its surface is glossy-mirror, and when I 52200 carrying it home many looked back at it. Palit keeps its traditions of redesigning cards. In our 3Digest you can find full comparison characteristics for video cards of this and other classes.

Albatron GeForce FX & Turbo – Page 3 – FX EP Photo’s

Unfortunately, nowhere is mentioned that the card has a 64bit memory card. Tx the cards ship in the retail package. There is nothing special in this card. It was probably meaningly installed there since the GPU’s frequency is lifted up: The box with its mirror-glossy surface looks advantageous.

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