If you are using static IP, look at the setup again. Either my machine was too old for this or there is some improvent potential on VMware’s side. Activating the network in Windows 3. Download in other formats: Both these files are self-extracting images. Currently 98 different network card drivers all included, all on the single 1.

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Kliment Andreev Author Log in to Reply. The last output of that script should read “Fertig”, meaning “Done”.

Just use it – Snapshot will run on any DOS. Usually they’re on the floppies that came with the nic. Thanks for the reply. Plop the sucker on your newly created net boot floppy then add the appropriate lines to the autoexec and you’re set to go. The following links contain the information and steps needed to accomplish your task. There is a good step-by-step article at WindowsNetworking.

After the change power on the VM again. Host preparation If you want to share your host’s c: Re-added also the old anchors for other web pages that still link to the lcnet drivers.


Graphics settings for Half-Life 2: To test your network settings, do ipconfig c: Firewrx Ars Scholae Dks Tribus: Did you try with c: Created by Pedro Rodrigues. For more details about this issue and ways to resolve it, see Microsoft’s KB entries and Hit Enter if you are OK with these settings.

Created by Tomasz Saniawa. When prompted hit Enter amx, choose the default directory C: The tool VMRemote takes this further by exposing vmrun’s commands to the network so they can be executed from another computer. Super VGA driver patch: The File Manager shows wrong dates for files changed in or after the year I did this a few years ago and was able to find the KB articles pcnef refresh my memory.

This disk will provide the DOS networking and drivers to allow the mapping of a network drive containing your imaging software and files.

Universal TCP/IP Network Boot Disk

We would like to hear from you, which drivers are missing; so we can place the most popular drivers immediately into the delivered package. MS Client setup Run setup from the temporary directory above.


I want to understand in detail how a DOS bootdisk with network connectivity ‘works so I can tailor the disks for specific network cards. Download driver package as a simple set of files. The install will format the drive and then prompt you to change these system settings. The system has been halted. This is for the version 2. Use physical drive or use floppy image file. Changed links to Ken Kato’s original “VM Back” web site, which is long gone, to a new address, which looks like pcnft replacement for the old site.

Network drivers

Insert a Startup diskette matching this version of Windows and then restart. I did not care much about optimization, just wanted to get it up and running.

So a decent machine is required, even for older games.