And then the default password does not work. DO NOT switch off the device during the update process as this might damage the modem. About us Our site is here to keep you up-to-date on all the latest broadband news and reviews of Spanish internet providers and packages. I have the asl — any idea of how many dbi the Wireless is sending? Password Clave is password for the wireless network. I use the TP-Link ones which provide both a wireless and an ethernet option and they have worked flawlessly for me. I recommend you try it anyway — please report back on your experience as mine may not be representative!

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Unfortunately it seems there is a vulnerability in this device. You have added port forwarding on modem settings? Modem-router provided by Movistar. You should be able to see and access the external device through your Network. I have to check this. I am unable to find any option for his however.

I am trying to set up a web cam using NO-IP. It was ok till this December, in december speed goes down to: Is it possible to have two wifi names on this router.


Home Station Amper ASL Router – Movistar

I recommend you try it anyway — please report back on your experience as mine may not be representative! Use needle or some other sharp object and hold the reset button down for seconds. The configuration looks quite simple. Ajper seemed to only ask for a password.

Movistar Homestation Amper ASL 26555

Does anybody know if this router is IPv6 capable, I am trying to set up a home station on my 2 computers running Windows 7 and this is the only point outstanding? Configuration data of Spanish broadband providers What you need to know is: Nick Burlin Freelance I.

Fiber connections in February 4 Feb, Thank you Sam… By doing this will it automatically make the second wif act as a repeater? As I was only getting 0. Hi Steven, I had exactly the same problem. I have a Movistar Home Station installed.

Hi there Trying to connect a printer wirelessly.

I also tried it in compatibility mode. By default the ip address is Is there an easy way to turn it on and off when I want to?

Home Station Amper ASL 26555

It says the password is a mismatch. So now trying to configure manually. This modem-router has no option to change it to work as a repeater as for example an access point would have.


I have physically connected the WiFi AP to telfonica network. Movistar has not configured the settings to run on 3G the routers not compatible with 3G dongles. However, you should be able to update the latest firmware by resetting the device.

And I hate it when I am not able to work with every nuts and bolts of my hardware just because providers want to restrict you from it. Eventually an engineer was sent, he said that I was only contracted for 1Mb hence the 0.

Movistar Homestation Amper ASL | Broadband in Spain

The problem is I receive packets but cannot send packets I hear people I call but they cannot hear me. Hi, it seems you both have Movistar Imagenio which means the router must be configurated on Portal Alejandra. Leave this field empty. That should do it.