What to expect from Apple in 7: Also important is ease of use, and I find that between Windows XP Media Center Edition and a few of the included Dell utilities, the e does everything I want it to do without any particular difficulties. The Dell e is a brand-new entry in Dell’s Inspiron line of entertainment notebooks it’s also marketed as the m on the business side of Dell’s offerings. Dell e Screen on the left compared to e on the right view large image. Because purchasing a Dell computer invariably involves a very careful selection of components, if price is any concern at all, I would now find it easy to suggest the selection of the Yonah T, rather than one of the higher priced Core Duo CPUs; it performs exceptionally well and the premium paid to get a T or higher may be better spent elsewhere, on an upgraded warranty, for instance. Fortunately there has been no reason to contact Dell tech support about this notebook.

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The HD Tune performance results of this 80 GB Hitachi drive are slightly better than the GB Toshiba drive in the e, and overall performance seems to fit well with the e taken as a whole:. Having said all that, I should add that during my actual use of this notebook, I never once noticed a problem.

Left side view of Dell e view large image. But just like matte screens, pointing sticks are becoming increasingly difficult to find in consumer-oriented notebooks. Portability Dell Inspiron e on the left and Dell Inspiron e on the Right view large image As indicated, the e seems like a good choice for those who desire genuine portability without paying a steep premium for that ease of movement.

I really enjoyed watching a DVD on the e and found the display surprisingly easy to work with during normal usage, too.


Taking a ride with Elon Musk inside Boring Company’s tunnel 2: Conversely, as soon as I saw the e under review here, I was struck by the thought that it would do just fine on a plane, in a coffee shop or on smaller desks and tables.

See that one-inch bulge protruding from the back of the laptop? Representative slams colleagues, defends Google 1: But as noted, I did recently buy an e, and will therefore be viewing this e within that context, paying particular attention to portability, an area in which the e is decidedly lacking, and performance, where the e really shines.

Conclusion The main charm of the Inspiron e is that it manages to provide good portability, pleasurable viewing and high performance at a low cost. The MacBook Air wants to be the laptop for everyone.

Dell Inspiron e and Inspiron m Review (pics, specs)

Right side view of Dell e view large image. As with the e, the first thing I did upon receiving this notebook was to remove all the unwanted, unnecessary software that ships with Inspiron notebooks.

Dell has finally received the memo—you know, the one that Apple has been circulating for the last few years, the one that argues for the importance of style to consumer electronics. Lenovo’s Yoga C is the ultraportable 2-in-1 we’ve been waiting Skip to main content Introduction Dell e Manufacturer: Wireless The Dell Wireless WLAN Mini Card performed well, though, interestingly, before letting the built-in Dell utility take over management of wireless from Windows, the wireless connection was dropped several times.

Dell Inspiron E1405

This seems to be a non-issue, really, but is something to keep in mind. Tips for improving battery life on your MacBook 2: Ninja’s coffee maker brews well in many ways 1: This speedboat can go underwater 2: The Dell e is a brand-new entry in Dell’s Inspiron line of entertainment notebooks it’s also marketed as the m on the business side of Dell’s offerings. Below are the Super Pi result calculations for crunching the numbers on 2-million digits of accuracy for Pi:.


While heavier than some notebooks, there is no feeling of heft or awkwardness when moving the e from one place to another, and I know from actual experience that a five-pound notebook travels fairly easily. Like the Inspiron ea large desktop replacement notebook that I recently purchased and reviewed, and the Inspiron ea mid-size entertainment notebook, the e can be configured with a glossy screen and comes with Windows XP Media Center Edition, which includes a host of entertainment and multimedia features that appear to target those who desire a computer that will readily and capably handle the ever-increasing entertainment possibilities of our world.

The answer might surprise you. If you plan on getting the extended battery, make sure the machine still fits in your laptop case.

Dell Inspiron E1405 Laptop (Intel Core Duo 2MB Cache/1.66GHz/667MHz FSB Widescreen WXGA 1GB

The Intel GMA graphics have performed without a hitch and will apparently run the more graphics-intensive features of Windows Vista when it finally becomes available. He is the author of The Internet Police: Razer Blade Stealth sneaks in an end-of-year update.

Biggest hacks of 3: The first 5 things sell do with a new Google Home speaker 3: This rate of discharge seemed a little disappointing, but during these 3-hour periods I was frequently accessing the hard vidro and always running the LCD at maximum brightness, with the wireless card enabled as well. This has never happened since switching to the Dell utility and I have no idea why the change of wireless management utilities made such a difference.