First, just to say that the sustainer came with immaculate packaging, the electronics all mounted on a perspex plate that you could easily see how this was going to operate on the guitar itself. Would I do it to a more expensive guitar? Fernandez Dragonfly this guitar is new in mint condition and is left handed comes with case. There is a crack on the jack plate. The battery compartment mounted on the back of the guitar. In the zero position there is no sustain, through to maximum sustain when fully clockwise.

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It is notched at mid position. It has slight scratches,dirt and dent marks at the item but still in good condit Eventually I had a Eureka moment, I could fit the battery compartment where the trim pots were and take that off for any adjustments. There are paint cracks on the body. Enough frets height left.

This item is also listed for other platform. Unless it will be very carefully bubble wrapped and put into a cardboard box.

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Harmonic mode feenandes Gives you screaming 5th harmonics of the note being played. You will be able to do this already if you have played a semi with a big amp.


Sistainer of the details on the diagrams was completely lost and it took quite some time to figure out which trim pot was which. Do it in a sensible way, take off the strings before touching the neck bolts. The new humbucker is located in the bridge position and the driver pickup in the neck position.

The middle pickup stays on the guitar and has a blank hole in a connector for connecting to the electronics. Conclusions What would I have done differently? Skip to main content. I worked on changing some string thicknesses to better balance chords. The guitar has a special driver pickup in the neck suustainer.

Hence the requirement for soldering and basic electronic skills. Ted responds with; Eric Clapton never did that to his Strat. How about beginners, those who are about to start a guitar now?.

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Even if you think to yourself, “But the i Its a bit like a motorised push bike, one minute you are pedalling uphill exhausted, and then you flick the switch and the engine kicks in and pulls you away at speed.

Finally the battery pack is fitted. Ready to play when you get. When it is all assembled its time to fit everything back into that nice neat routed cavity. Well that support business out of the way there is one conundrum that had me sat thinking for quite some time. Not much adjustment of the trim pots is required, everything works when the unit is turned on, and the guitar looks quite good.


In this model of guitar all the original electronics have to go, including the neck and bridge pickups. Finally everything is in place and can be tested and aligned. This page was last updated: You can even do this unconnected to an amp, which is very wierd. Locking Type Tremolo Unit. How does it play?

A router is a hell bitch spinning tornado, spinning ten times faster than a drill, needing two handles for both hands hanging on tight while this cutting demon makes every fermandes to spin out of your clutches and carve its way to oblivion.

Now the following picture I was really reluctant to post, a lot of you will be laughing at the routing work, some will be rolling about on the floor, the more sensitive luthiers will have fainted clean away.

Even if you think to yourself, Model Year Used but in Good condition.