Subscribe to Manic via Email Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Baggy69 , Nov 14, Nov 10, at 5: Nov 14, at Sn0w , Jan 3, I guess that even though I’m not happy with the Frag FX Pro’s performance as a device, there’s no denying that it’s connection is stable and solid.

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Nov 14, at 1: Then I’d know if I have a bad unit.

At this point I don’t think I could be more dissapointed Jan 18, at 8: Nov 11, at 2: Cheers mate – it hadn’t occured to me that I might have a faulty unit. Disconnect the usb dongle and use a different mouse fragmstein you have one 2. Apr 18, Messages: They have said that they will send me a replacement unit once it arrives.

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See if that helps your auto fire problem. I think you will love your new mouse mat with it too.


Although I am pretty happy with the latest Fragnsteon expert firmware, that I also use successfully with Borderlands, I’ll give 2. I decided to persevere with my Bannco. As an example the Mouse has quick spin buttons and fast look up and down abilities.

Baggy69Nov 14, Yes, my password is: Last edited by a moderator: Nov 14, at 8: Jan 13, at 2: On a side note, anyone have any idea where Bannco and Splitfish are based? Wideload how do you find the Aiming on the Stein is it slow like on the Fragfx?

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Programmable, digital sniper buttons and upgradeable firmware provide unprecedented levels of accuracy. See fragjstein that helps. Let us know what you think of the Fragnstein and what settings work best for you. No — PC and console gamers are very loyal about using their own mouse pad.

The other thing I’d like to highlight, which I deem rather minor, is that if I recall correctly, the USB extension cable in the package seems much shorter than what’s specified in the manual.


For PC use it does not get any better — you can use the Mouse just as any other normal mouse but with the high res adjustable CPI. Mar 15, Messages: Mar 24, Messages: Thanks for trying to help Baggy but if you’d read my previous posts you’d know that I found the best performance in this game to be one notch down from max.

Discussion in ‘ Playstation Forums ‘ started by ducksonJan 9, This is with the game sensetivity set one down from max and the fragchuck dial on about 3.

I have since to changed to using R2 as aim down sight as this was what I used in the olden days in PC gaming. Nov 10, at Jan 12, at 8: