Andy J 4 years ago. John Ineson 3 years ago. Howard 4 years ago. It feels heavy as hell but I’m a pretty big guy so it doesn’t bother me that much and if anything I kind of like it in some ways. Length, lie angle, loft, face angle, swingweight, shaft flex and flex point. I was wondering the same thing.

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Golf 23hr ago My year in golf: Lets be honest and say it is the ball that has made the biggest difference to distance. Prev 1 2 Next Hitfing 1 of 2.

Not alot of time to play golf for those with that kind of schedule. Russ 4 years ago.

He has been teaching golf for almost 25 years and uses cutting edge teaching technology to measure and help golfers of all abilities improve.

Originally Posted by johnthejoiner Persimmon drivers have more Gear Effect than metal drivers; this makes them more accurate. Jorge 4 years ago.

Watch: DJ hits Nicklaus’ persimmon driver, 1-iron | Golf Channel

Just need to work on my chipping and putting now. So I tee it pretty high because that’s comfortable, but I try to tee it a little bit lower because most of my misses are a result of teeing it too high. It’s my opinion that you can’t really leave a pop up mark unless you come over the top steep attack angle and go under the ball.


Rather, every well-designed head uses bulge to OFFSET the gear effect spin – toe hits are sent off further right to allow for hook spin, and vice versa out of the heel.

Watch: DJ hits Nicklaus’ persimmon driver, 1-iron

A big part of that distance difference is due to the balls. Remember that since it is so far up of your low point the club should actually be working back to the left, encouraging a fade.

Brian Peck 27 years old.

Totally agree about the k a fabulous driver which you will still go a long way to better. On the course, this usually just becomes a hacker’s slice.

MyGolfSpy Labs: Persimmon vs. Your Titanium Driver

I do remove my hat indoors, as I was taught by my grandmother. Results are all that matters. The average was which is actually 10 yards longer than the average drive for a male golfer so yes the average was gitting average — no shock when you consider the test group.

Have fun at Bandon Dunes! Hitting it off center made me lose distance faster than with a titanium club. Tom, you got it! We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it’s still relevant.


Dustin Johnson hits Jack Nicklaus’ old persimmon driver, 1-iron

Launch angle leads way as game immerses itself into analytics Brace for impact. As a wood maker for some years I find this article interesting for the many Golfers who never had an opportunity to hit a real Wood.

Find a club that works for you and then work towards getting pfrsimmon most out of it. This got me thinking. Want to hide this ad?

The down side is my miss is to get it to high on the face something I don’t do with abut can happen pretty fast with a persimmonhitting a moon ball, so it’s a trade off. Hifting June 7, If it works consistently, maybe I’ll just stick with the old technology.

Hittng never played with persimmon drivers, but have hit a few just for fun, with not very good results. I hit the 3 wood and 4 wood just fine.

What a totally worthless test. In the days of wood a nice dive was yards for me.