Found in questions site this that seems to be related: I would have never known any of this until I configured a dual-boot system and was able to do a side-by-side comparison. When I first started recording on this box, I only had a delta 66, but from hearing old mixdowns with the delta 66, the same sonic characteristics exist. Mikael Thurberg mthurberg wrote on It just shows everything there, but with no sound output from the soundcard external connectors to my amplifier..

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Bug # “ICE sound card not detected” : Bugs : alsa-driver package : Ubuntu

As soon as I physically removed the spdif cable from my cards, the sonic quality was excellent. Maybe it also can help someone else? This bug report is a duplicate of: The following cards uses the ICE chipset as Ive understand: This bug affects 1 person. Fri, windowd Jan You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications.

The sound is unlisenable windws the audio chops all the time. I personally would list soundcards as following as worst to better:. Here’s other similar drivers that are different versions or releases for different operating systems: I was near going back to Windows, when I heard about you could search for info on how to get it work.


Email me about changes to this bug report. I suspect your problems are with ganging the two cards together.

envy24control – GUI control tool for Envy24 (ice) based – Linux Man Pages (1)

I will post this bug as a separate for ubuntustudio as well so it could be fixed. Found in questions site this that seems to be related: I commend everybody who has worked so hard, but I think it is only fair that I let out the bad news.

Found a bad link? To Be Filled By O.

VIA VT1712 Envy24 sound drivers for Microsoft Windows 7 64bit (1 files)

Windoww with the negative… I purchased about 4 months ago a delta 66 and a delta I didnt get that? You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications.

So there is a lot of users using Winddows Cards, especially for music production not only me as I think these are among the first brand users chooses to buy. There are lots of comments on bug Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else.


No, wimdows did you change the status? Release Notes Related Drivers 5. Robert Collins lifeless wrote on So by fixing this in espeically Ubuntustudio, a lot of users could use Ubuntustudio. See full activity log. So running a Delta 66 and Delta means that there is no hardware solution for maintaining sync.

envy24control (1) – Linux Man Pages

The better way is to interpolate bezier path-like, or similar samples lost or gained. Also, the sync settings are another possible culprit.

I know you want two cards working, but did you try with just one card? If youre not gonna use it for audio production, You have no actual use for a lower latency time. I have no idea if it installed or if it was the right package Please keep us informed. Now with the negative….