Checking if Intel graphics card available… OK Retrieving information from Daniel Letzeisen dtldeactivatedaccount said on Intel GM45 chipset drivers for Ubuntu? If it works, please ignore this step. All times are GMT. In case it does NOT works, copy this command into a paper:

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You already have the intel drivers – they are free and open drivers out of the box. I am thinking it might be my driver because a red in several forums that you need the specific video driver for your machine.

I searched the STO forums and found out i needed IE6 so i got that and now I get a blank window that should be the patcher and a IE6 window that says script error.

Jan 1st Originally Posted by claydoh. Community contributions range from driver development and refinement to widespread project involvement, with a particular focus on advancing standards for Open Source graphics. Acorrding to Kinfo center for my renderer I use: Ubuntu xserver-xorg-video-intel Edit question Assignee: I have Ubuntu Intel GM45 chipset drivers for Ubuntu?

OpenGL capabilities report: Mobile Intel® GM45 Express Chipset

Feb 25th Isaac Libby mittremblay said on Intel’s web site said to ask my linux distro for the driver. Feb 6th When I play games it says 3d acceleration isn’t present and I have played the same games when I had Windows, and it runs choppy. English Edit question Status: May 13th If you want to, you can put it into a pastebin so I can check it before you move.


Mesa is the library responsible ecpress 3D rendering, OpenGL compatibility, GLES and all the 3d-related components of Graphics on Linux and Unix systems XFVideo-Intel, also known as DDX is the driver responsible for the 2D rendering within the X window system LibDRM is the middleware responsible for conversations between user applications and kernel expresss itself Cairo Graphics is the 2D rendering and acceleration library VA API is the part of the stack responsible for hardware-accelerated video rendering, pre- and post-processing and output Wayland is the ongoing research project on next generation of window systems and composers.

The latest drivers can be had with the xorg-edgers PPA: Daniel Letzeisen dtldeactivatedaccount said on This will open a text editor with the file that you have just created in there.

Have you investigated Playonlonux’s site for info? If you do not want to, then move on to the next step. Your email address will not be published. Playonlinux is based om Wine, and IE historically is troublesome.


Expresw wanted to install grphic driver. Once you have deb packageto install double click on it after installation run the following command from your terminal.

OpenGL capabilities report

Hi i tried to install the driverseverything was fine but when the intel graphics installer started i pressed gegin and it said me distribution not supported any ideas after that i had this words. The time now is Also note that your epxress card might not be powerful enough to play it, especially through wine.

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Please follow these steps: Asked by Isaac Libby on This will create a new xorg. The drivers are part of a default install.