Even if it is less linear in the management of the dynamics that Apogee he keeps a large dynamic range and you really have to send to saturate. Most mics will behave quite well on the Ohms setting. A Swiss Army knife of this sonic quality is not expensive. Subscribe for free here. The decoder engagement switch is on the rear panel, making it hard to access if the R is rackmounted; and there is no LED indicator to let you know if the MS decoder is on.

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Got something like this at home? See description of Previous notice. Over the past few years, Slate Digital plug-ins have become de rigueur tools for music production and mixing in the digital environment.

User reviews: Mackie Onyx R – Audiofanzine

But there is still a lot more to this unit. The manual should have everything you need to know about the OnyxR if you have questions The other choices are for matching input impedance to vintage condensers and older ribbon mics.

A good piece of hand-made gear is like a fine meal at a gourmet restaurant-not food from a formula-based chain restaurant. Their mic preamps, summing amps, and control room All eight inputs are always routed to the converters, so having two front-panel DI’s with digital out is also very handy. On acoustic guitar, using a small- diaphragm condenser, the Onyx was bright and present, and on electric guitar, it was also accurate.

Definitely not a good sound on already overdriven sources like electric guitar, but I liked the lo-fi smash it gave to overhead mics when pushed to the limit. For this review, I’m covering the SC-1 mk, a preamp designed to fit in series racks and lunchboxes.


Since I have had to recently enter this century and purchase some multi-channel digital audio capability for the studio, and I had an album project that required transfer from 2” track at 30 IPS to bit, 48 kHz WAV files, having the Onyx review unit show up was quite serendipitous. The toms, mic’ed with Sennheiser MD ‘s, were full and warm and sounded like they should. That being said, considering all its features and its decent sound, I think the Onyx R is a good purchase for any studio, regardless of budget.

As mentioned at the opening of the review, the Onyx R is also a good- sounding A to D converter. I use Red pramplis Focus SERIES o even if the source moves away from the microphone is your exact cohrent, full and dynamic, it is not the case, the sound quickly becomes Triqui mtallique and slightly, but good considering the price More products from Big Bear Sound Ltd.

As a stereo option for overhead drums it works pretty well as the close mics will reinforce your center, and the MS decoder will keep those overhead mics mono-compatible, which is always a plus.

Mackie Onyx r 8-channel Preamp W/ khz Digital out | eBay

Once you’ve tasted boutique audio, you’re definitely spoiled. The Onyx did a pretty good job of creating an MS image, but I was not really blown away by it.

Mackie has also wisely set up the digital outputs using a DB25 connector that is pin-compatible with standard digital D-Sub snakes. That being said, considering all its features and its decent sound, I think the Onyx R is a good purchase for any studio, regardless of budget. The decoder button, like the polarity and low-cut buttons, has a white band towards the rear half of the button that is visible only when the button is out, but this is pretty much impossible to see when the unit is in a wired rack.


Mackie has clearly priced the Onyx R to attract budget- conscience studios.

Well for starters, how about the price. Our members onyyx liked: Also, if you’re using the R to feed a DAW or digital recorder, you’d probably want to use the recording device’s meters instead, downstream of the converters. Being able to adjust my input levels was also helpful for the transfer.

As most people know, Mackis has become a leading manufacturer of affordable audio products. For the many engineers who desire neither the sound nor the price tag of old analog gear, the Onyx is perfect.

All user reviews for the Mackie Onyx 800R

When really driven, the distortion characteristics of the preamps are somewhat musical, especially on drums. The R was plenty open and handled mackir transients well.

The problem is that I like lots of different flavors. Write a user review Ask for a user review. I mic’ed the kick with an Audix D-6 as this particular band was going for that “modern” drum sound.