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Move to a location with enough light. To create a drawing, cross three ruled lines on your first stroke. Resetting will cause unsaved data to be lost. If the Input panel is open, you will need to hide it to see all available fields. You can also include a recording in a note.

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Using the Contacts Summary Screen When you tap a contact in the contact list, a summary screen is displayed. Laptops by Dan Ackerman Dec 19, Resetting will cause unsaved data to be lost. Writing on the Screen In any program that accepts writing, such as the Notes program, you can use mip stylus to write directly on the screen.

Risk of explosion if battery is replaced by an incorrect type. Use the AC adapter as the power source and as a battery-recharger.

As an added precaution, bring along a backup copy. Please someone help me with a tutorial.


MIO P350, please help me revive it

The battery can burst or explode, releasing hazardous chemicals. Page of Go.

Some notices apply o350 specific models only. Page 54 Tap to return to the note list the note is saved automatically 3. Tap to choose from predefined text. Modem connection is unreliable Make sure that the modem is installed properly.

Mio P GPS receiver

Mobile Accessories by Jason Moi 4 days ago. If a note is open when you create the recording, it will be included in the note as an icon. Sending And Receiving E-mail Messages 4. Don’t show me this message again. Tap the desired workbook to open it. Connector IR Port Beams files to other mobile devices.

Mio P350 – handheld – Windows Mobile 5.0 – 3.5″ Series

Tap to open a message. However, in some situations, such as when the memory is running out, your Pocket PC may not be able to automatically adjust the allocation.

Basic Skills Basic Skills This chapter familiarizes you with the basic operations of your Pocket PC such as using the stylus, navigation stick, Today screen, menus, and programs.


This is good — right? Thread Deleted Email Thread. The setup wizard will install Microsoft ActiveSync. Tracking Friends And Colleagues 4.

Stylus Tap on the touch screen to make selections and enter information. Compared to the previous version of the software, it does now start faster, but not at lightening speed. Restoring Last State 7. Troubleshooting and Maintenance Troubleshooting and Maintenance This chapter gives solutions to common Pocket PC problems you may ncou nter. In the Notes program, you can either create a stand-alone recording or include a recording in a written note.

Page 6 Regulatory Information Econverter you to unlock it within 5 seconds. Make sure that the battery is fully charged.