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To update to the NDIS 5 driver: The workgroup name must be the same for all of the computers on your network with which you want to share information. The exact wording of each of the parameters varies from computer to computer. Windows 95 installs the 3Com files. Restart the PC when prompted. Use multiple NICs in a client PC only if you plan to run multiple protocols or connect to more than one network. Turn on the power to the PC, and start Windows

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The automated installation allows Windows NT 4. For non-NetWare environments, install the client software as specified by your network operating system vendor.

From the menu that appears, select Sharing. Click the OK button. Saturday, March 24, 5: Monday, April 16, 3: I suspect the driver is actually an XP driver, as that was the last OS to natively support the 3C The bindings review window will appear for a few seconds, followed by the Network Settings Change window requesting a reboot.

You should be competent with Windows NT 4. Unpublished rights reserved under the copyright laws of the United 3ccom. Click OK to this message.


New Product View Product Index. A warning message will appear. The correct key to press is usually shown on the screen.

The default network setup for Windows 95 contains the following five components: Install the first NIC and connect it to the network. You can decide what to make available to other users. The name of the installed NIC appears in the list of network adapters. Look for the Network Adapter class.

3Com 3C90X 10/ NIC Driver Download

If Windows 95 detects the NIC but starts copying files right away without prompting you for a diskette, you have an existing version of the driver already installed on your PC. 3co, the Select Network Protocol window, select the vendor in the left pane this is usually Microsoft.

Windows displays the name of the NIC. Thursday, October 13, After the installation completes, you are prompted to reboot the computer. Remove From My Forums. Windows copies files from the Windows 95 installation 3ckm.


This prevents any drivers or memory managers from loading. Thank You very much for finding and posting this.

Click the Next button. The Windows 3v90x Plug and Play feature will complete the driver installation for Novell, Microsoft, and most other network operating systems. If you have previously installed a Windows NT service pack, you need to reinstall the service pack after the network installation is complete to ensure that the Windows NT network components are updated to the level of the service pack. If a CD ROM drive is not available and you must use EtherDisks, there is no way to simply update existing software because the diagnostic is not available on EtherDisk.


You must reproduce and include all copyright notices and any other proprietary rights notices appearing on the Software and the supporting documentation on any copies that you make. Click the down arrow on that selection, then click Client for NetWare Networks.

In Windows for Workgroups, locate the Network section the Network icon. Request document number and the Software Compatibility Guide will be sent to your fax machine.