I hate to say it, but again, substance factor is a bit underwhelming for a price tag like this. There’s very little difference between the filters but for testing, I stuck with the fast roll-off. Although there was a USB drive included in the package with the drivers preloaded on it, the one I received had errors and the driver file was corrupted. Hard because you’ll be searching high and low for a justification to spend more money on something else given the features and sound quality the X1S has to offer. The brand proposes here a more precise clock for a weaker jitter and a more precise restitution, from new transistors bringing a new dynamic and a changed ECPU to offer a greater musicality.

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Soundstage is coherent with good amount of air between instruments and with a good layering. Some people have mentioned that the power wart is too big. I think, though, that the folks at Aune have largely hit all the right notes with the X1S.

The machined knob controls the volume. I’m a sucker for simple design with clean lines, and the X1S’s sleek anodized aluminum case pushed a lot of buttons for me there.

Aune X1S 32BIT / 384 DSD128 MINI DAC 10th Anniversary Edition / Headphone Amplifier Black

Army-FiredawgOct 24, It doesn’t even get warm. I am told though by Aune that their own system product line will stack quite nicely on top of each other which makes sense. So was it implemented well? Thank you for giving us this opportunity. If I needed to summarize the overall sonic characteristic of the X1S in a few words it would be this: Aune has been one of the more prominent Chinese brands out there and I am a long time owner of the older T1 tube amp, which was reviewed and enjoyed by me a very long time ago.


Simply let go of the button when you reach the filter you want.

For now, I’d encourage those of you looking to purchase the X1S to strongly consider the black X1S with its high contrast white text.

Amazing bit of kit that handles any of my cans with ease. The sound was a little muddy with a bloated and overpowering bass. In this review I will focus more in the sound quality and synergy with some headphones and IEMs as requested by my readers, cause there a lot of articles that explains quite well its functionalities.

The Aune X1s sounds neutral and transparent to my ears with a great sense of rhythm and dynamics. I also really enjoyed the Torque tz with the X1S.

Right so let’s take a gander at what makes up the back panel from Left to Right: More testing with music leads me to note that the upper end of this one is very engaging, but not annoyingly so. Basically, all I had to do was plug the X1S in, option click on the volume icon in my menubar, and choose the X1S.


Voices are well reproduced with excellent realism and detail voices sound just natural and clean, aund do not expect a warm and organic reproduction. I consider myself to be a relatively inexperienced audiophile, having only taken this hobby seriously for the past 2 or 3 years. Your username or email address: The upside down text was a nice touch!

Aune X1S 10th Anniversary Edition Review | Headfonics

In addition, the modification of the output transistors allows the device to gain power in order to adapt to a wider variety of headsets. Because the Aune X1s really isn’t powerful enough to drive ohm headphones properly. A versatile device designed both for HiFi use and to be associated with a computer. Probably due to the nice treble response the unit has to offer.

Here’s the back of the X1S.

On the much beefier ZMF Vibros, the knob had to be shifted pass the 12 o’ clock position. The low noise floor and low distortion make the X1s 10th a pure background 1xs restore tiny details. Written by peareye Published Nov 8, Because to me, it represents a company introducing itself to a new or returning customer.

I hate to say it, but again, substance factor is a bit underwhelming for a price tag like this.