That quest leads to this script: The latest update has improved error recovery and the reliability of sending commands to the UK I now have extensive configuration dialogs and I’ve gotten rid of the hard coded default config. For example, here is what the pictures SDM took look like in the preview window: More Cables I’ve now wired up and tested the original mouse I hacked, but now hooked to the digital input on the UK

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4-Channel USB Relay Board with 6-Channel A/D Interface

The controller also features four onboard relay outputs with a current rating of 10A each. Tweaking I’ve got the hardware all finished, and I’ve tried it with this ui1104, and while triggering the cameras and lights work, I clearly need to tweak the SDM script and wot-not. Beverage Refrigerator Replacement Parts.

My program can then proceed to download then delete each image one at a time. Just need to do some timing to make the computer and the camera agree on how long to wait at different points. On the other hand, here is what the camera does when manually operated with normal firmware running and the same lights and pages being photographed:. If the camera happens to disconnect early, I’ll get canakig error and stop downloading, but I will have gotten a batch of images before that.

The latest snapshot of the code in progress can be found here. uk11104

I’ve made progress on the software. See more product information!

UK | USB 4-Port Relay Control – Preassembled

kk1104 The CH1 input is normally 1 and cznakit I click the button it goes to 0. I haven’t fully integrated it with the software yet, but I have added enough code to test that I can poll the input and observe the button click fast enough that I don’t need to worry about holding the button down. So even though I cankait get this to work, Eye-Fi might be worth investigating as a a way to get the images without wearing out the gears. What this will do is leave the USB hk1104 connected rather than merely generating a short pulse.


Here’s what this nonsense looks like:. I continue to fiddle with the code. Yet to do is better error recovery I pretty much just assert for everything at the momentpolling the UK digital input for a button press so I can use a button on the scanner instead of having to click the mouse on the computer and real configuration save and restore I just have a dummy config class with my default values all hard coded.

Prototype I’ve made progress on the software. Office Globe Smart Sun The latest update has improved error recovery and the reliability of sending commands to the UK I supposed if both the camera and the computer agreed on an amount of time to add for each image, I could have the computer keep the USB power on a little bit longer than the camera needs it on, and everything might work.

In Analog Input mode, each channel can convert a voltage of between 0 to 5V or higher voltage using a voltage-divider into a bit digital representation.

There doesn’t appear to be any way to prevent the lens from retracting during the USB connection, and I don’t want to wear out the gears by constantly running it in and out.


The camera script can then discover there are images left and give more time per image on the next batch I just have to get that script written. Things are coming together.

However, I have added navigation buttons so you can page through the image directories to review things. So work on the scripts is clearly needed: I can run the relays on the UK when I press the click button, and I can download the images when the cameras show up in udev. A little bit of stuff is working now, but as you can see from the latest screenshot I’m not actually taking pictures of books yet: I’ve also started work on getting the vanakit controlled by a relay on the UK Shipping Dimension 0 x 0 x cxnakit inches I think this is wrong?

UK1104 Drivers & Samples

I’ve now started investigating the things I’d like to do to the SDM script if I can prove canakiy are possible. High Intensity Discharge Bulbs. The controller is very flexible and can be used for a wide range of custom applications, including weather stations, temperature monitoring, logging and control, etc.

For example, here is what the pictures SDM took look like in the preview window: Shipping Weight 0 lbs I think this is wrong?