The judge must be So Proud. Prosecutors took days to charge Rousso and faced criticism from some who suspected Rousso might be getting preferential treatment after allegedly harming a Hispanic family of modest income. September 17, at 5: Yes, it has happened before. By William Peacock, Esq.

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Stone pointed out that Rousso herself is adopted and her biological mother is Mexican-American.

Carly Rousso gets prison time in deadly ‘huffing’ DUI crash | WGN-TV

It’s easy to spot lines out the door, but some underlying trends are harder to see. September 18, at 7: There was no mention of possible alcohol or drug involvement.

Witnesses and video footage communicated how Rousso inhaled keyboard cleaner, fell unconscious behind the wheel of a black Lexus and bowled over a mother and three children as they walked on the sidewalk along Central Avenue. Once she awoke, witnesses described her as distraught. This is america give the judge alittle cash you are free. September 17, at 8: Yes, it has happened before.

The felony drunken driving charge packs a potential three to 14 years in prison, though probation is also possible. Bianca Iliev Where are you getting your information from? Pathetic attempt to make this a partisan issue Or perhaps a better question is: This page contains a single entry by William Peacock, Esq.


September 17, at 4: Reckless homicide carries two to five years in prison but a stronger likelihood of probation than aggravated drunken driving, prosecutors said.

Hector dollar bet she gets probation the american justice system is a joke.

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Carly Rousso Released Early

September 17, at 2: Ori noted that Rousso had confessed that her purpose in huffing was to get high. Zeit has argued the law is too vague.

Xrunk Posted by carterstamp Nope, the victim is the 5 year old kid she hit after deciding to get behind a wheel of a car drunk.

Sure, things seem to be going a little easier so far for Rousso, the year-old daughter of two prominent North Shore residents. Popular Is Rizzo getting hitched this weekend?

Is Carly Rousso Getting Preferential Treatment in DUI Death? – The Chicago DUI Law Blog

She did druk wake up one morning and think oh today I will kill a child, but my best bet will say that she woke up most mornings thinking she did not give a flying F about anyone but herself. LaVine’s 24 points leads Ccarly to win over Wizards Zach LaVine scored 24 points, including 11 straight in the third quarter, as the Chicago Bulls defeated the Washington Wizards on Friday night. You are commenting using your Twitter account.


And yes, it did take until Wednesday night, after a lot of complaining by a local Hispanic-community activist and the mayor of Highland Park, to have word of Rousso’s misdemeanor drunken-driving charges released to the publicaccording to the Chicago Crly. September 20, at 4: It will probably make no difference whatsoever in Rousso’s cirminal prosecution. Your username is appropriate. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Enjoy the system you libs created. Carly Rousso said she was afraid to sleep.