The Unreal Tournament has some bugs related with sound, and even its patched version doesn’t reproduce all sounds always correctly. For the Extigy we installed the WDM drivers of Sound Blaster Extigy Tour is a dynamic presentation which explains all advantages of the Extigy. The LF filter cutoff frequency for the subwoofer can’t be adjusted in the Extigy, contrary to the Live! Nothing more is needed for multimedia and games because quality of original samples will be determining.

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Hardware capabilities The Extigy uses a special chipset of the same name. And MixMeister impressed us to no end, with its smart fade-ins, fade-outs, Webcasting abilities, normalizationand automatic beat matching. Show More Show Less.

Creative Labs Sound Blaster Extigy review: Creative Labs Sound Blaster Extigy – CNET

Increasing a size exrigy the buffer didn’t help much though it unloaded the processor. That is why this mode is interesting mostly for musicians. Clean going in, clean coming out The Extigy adds a laundry list of input and output jacks to your desktop.

creativs The front panel contains the most frequently used connectors, such as a linear-in and a mic-in. Ratings and Reviews Write a review. By the way, when moved along the vertical sg the sound alters; it means that the Extigy and Audigy cards have normal realization of vertical positioning of sound, whatever opponents of Creative and cards with the EAX support may say.


Subjective tests For listening we used two acoustic systems. Since this device has so many inputs and outputs, it’s only natural that it comes with no fewer than nine different applications to parse everything coming in and out: Added Features Enabled compressed AC3 pass-through for output to an external decoder.

Creative External Sound Cards.

What is available, however, is CMSS. Unfortunately, the input-to-output measurements for inexpensive sound cards and devices are unsuccessful.

In other words, it’s impressive but not the most reliable setting on which to base an evaluative judgment. They allowed us to compare the sound by switching between the codec and the front output.

Creative Soundblaster Extigy SB0130 Sound Blaster

We’ve changed, we promise. I was surprised, and in all honesty am still a bit disappointed, that Creative decided on the aging USB 1.

Though the difference is not very audible. Nothing more is needed for multimedia and games because quality of original samples will be determining. Software features According to the CoolEdit Pro diagnostics, the Extigy supports all known sound recording and reproduction formats. MD fans will be happy to see the digital optical output, as it makes one more way to get tunes from creativr PC rxtigy your portable.

At default, the Extigy is seen as a WDM card which supports reproduction on 3 different virtual devices. Very good in detail Tested chain: Most of these interfaces are self-explanatory, but a few need some description. For most of users a hardware decoder in the Extigy is not more than just an interesting fact sg any decent program DVD player can decode into 6 channels both DolbyDigital 5.


You can also structure records into playlists and then transfer files to a Creative NOMAD player connected to a computer.

Creative Sound Blaster Extigy

Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted With the Sound Blaster Extigy, Creative Labs gives computer music fans seven outputs and five audio inputs of pretty much every stripe. If there are ID3 tags, it’s possible to group music according to performers and genres.

The sound is only as good as your speakers — I used my Klipsch ProMedia 5. Review Sections Review Specs. In the Serious Sam the sound on the Extigy was free of delays and stuttering even at xx32 which is the best mode for playing, and all the settings were highest. Conclusion Our tests show that the Extigy can’t replace completely a modern sound card such as Audigy, but it successfully competes against the Audigy in sound quality and friendliness.

The mic-in has an analog level regulator.