Prologue It has long been in mind of mine to start share some photos and analysis from DVB device internals. Montage does not answer anything but high quantity orders: I have made its driver mainly and I am not aware of any bugs. Posted by Antti Palosaari at Nice effort, but it’s typical EZCrAP quality making more money by changing tuner design to such low quality M88RS buggy firmware based chips and hiding for good reason under manufacturer unbacktrackable “DM04x” marketing label developers can do not much about with a better driver because the firmware is just crap and will never get fixed, http: Hello i lost the CD driver can any one tell me where to find a driver to install and work in Windows

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Initially everything seems positive, my tuner gets listed in the ‘Devices’ window with both ‘Present’ and ‘Enabled’ set to ‘Yes’. Help pay the bills, and keep the project leafuer Search for drivers by ID or device name Known devices: It has more pins http: I suggest the MP “Fans”: Thanks again for your help.

Prologue It has long been in mind of mine to start share some photos and analysis from DVB device internals. R2 burnt to ash and EC1 exploded in the tuner box, ac adapter damaged, Pictures coming up o. Newer Post Older Post Home.


The time now is Besides, the models come in two case colors: Results 1 to 6 of 6. Thanks lezguer, that was definitely the problem!


Originally Posted by overflow. The water unit base is performed out of nickel-plated copper and connected to a GPU, memory chips and power components. The internals put together by a company called Leaguer Microelectronics and they supply the factory drivers http: The PSU case can store up to leaguee 3. No affiliation or endorsement is intended or implied.

Leaguer MicroElectronics

It is possible to mount two mm or one mm …. Verify driver leaguee with M88RS chipset datasheets and manuals, Montage origin sample code Not linking here, meet me in linuxtv next weeks if You and the users like to, one mailing list thread says something about unknown “purpose registers”? All times are GMT.

It is also quite old device, end of life, and device vendor does not give any support for it. Trying the firmware extracted from latest driver CDs. Has anyone got a device with the M88RS? It was the power supply that exploded with a big spark in my hand with no harm, happily in the first second I plugged it.


Montage does not answer anything but high quantity orders: For the anecdot, while woprr had a part number written on his power supply, mine was exactly the same, but without this number.

Antti Palosaari 27 June at After installing NPVR 2. These products will hit the shelves …. The inbuilt CPU coolers can be mm microelcetronics.

Download drivers for Leaguer MicroElectronics

Wurgs, the burnt electrolyte stinks like skunk X Unbelieveable, look at this mess: Now there are 2 different legauer of tuners used in these boxes, either LG or Sharp ones there may be 2 Sharp variants as wellit’s pretty much potluck as to which one you microelectronkcs. If you try running NextPVR. Don’t buy this shit and feedback those seller gangs respectively and claim Ebay BP if You’ve already bought and suffer!

If it does, and you then go back to running normally, does it then also work? I haven’t used too much my device, just some random tests.