Up to now I have been getting notes into the computer Sibelius with the keypad. Anyone managing to get the Keyrig49 to work with windows 10? I hope this helps! No rudeness or offense is intended. All times are GMT

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I suppose this is an indication that it is installed correctly, though this is an assumption. Acoustic Bass by playing along with kyrig tracks that I’ve recorded. You want to get below 20ms but DONT crank it down all the way, any lower than what you can percieve just puts more stress on the cpu – be kind to it. Sound travels at 1foot per ms. Thank you very much!. I don’t have a clear handle on all the pieces.

The Windows 10 system should recognize it.

The top area shows my settings as they currently work. I would have sent them separately but as I understand it, you can only attach one screen shot per m-aduio.

Keyrig 49 for windows 10

You are indeed a great help! So, all of that said, what is my next step? The suject is complex. New to this, so please forgive beginner mistakes. Although it provides a surprisingly useable GM sound set, it suffers from irredeemable high latency, with any soundcard driver.


M-audi may something like “Voice Recognition” technology. It sounds like if in the future I get serious about flex-time music entry I will need to change my hardware configuration.

As you can see from the bottom area of the attached file, the dropdown associated with the Interface field of the Audio Engine Optins Dialog does indeed contain a reference now for ASIO4All.

Specifically, if I open a new project and insert one MIDI track, there is a very noticeable delay between the time I press a key on the KeyRig and the time I hear the sound when it goes into the ‘puter, round and round in Reaper, and then out through the sound card and speakers. That’s basically all I’m doing. Up to now I have been getting notes into the computer Sibelius with the keypad. Forget about using the Windows-integral Microsoft Synth – presumably what the basic MIDI setup is offering you – if you wan’t to play with Flexitime input.

Once in one of this software settings mode configuration, preferences, options, etc. To attach multiple files to a message here send the message, then go back and Edit it, choosing an additional file.

KeyRig 49 (USB) MIDI Latency – Cockos Incorporated Forums

I suppose you could get away with twice that for Flexitime input. Realtime music entry, it would appear, simply is not a good option, at this time for getting your music out of the keyboard and on to paper.


I realize in the first message of this ksyrig I included a screen-shot, but I should not have. Keyrig 49 for windows 10 Edit Subject.

Did you know that your browser is out of date?

The premise is great, but the reality, at this point in time, is that it’s just not up to the premise. Most of what I do, in fact, almost all of what I do is just keyboard and a voice. I ran a calibrate test and in one instnace it said it had a latency of and in another test a latency of Pleased to have been able to help. Asi could horse around and somehow make it all work but what I really need is a better machine with more horsepower and a lot of disk space.

The only problem is the latency. Here is my configuration: Send a private message to TimOBrien. I hope it will help you. Keep in mind that just like that, the system will recognize it, but you’ll not be able to do anything with it yet.